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Our seasoned strategists and award-winning former journalists understand that their integrity is not negotiable.

Welcome to Cornerstone Communications

We believe every communications program must be built on a solid foundation of teamwork, strategy, commitment, passion and a clearly defined path to success. From helping major landowners secure millions of square feet of entitlement, to assisting community non-profits in planning major events, we offer more than 45 years of experience in a wide array of leading industries.

We're a Boutique Firm

When you partner with us, you benefit from the laser-focused attention of a tight-knit team of principals who excel at crafting and executing creative, nimble, results-driven campaigns and projects. And who truly enjoy what they do and relish a challenge.

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Media Relations

A properly planned and executed media relations strategy can make a huge positive difference for organizations. It can enhance their reputation among key audiences, engender greater shareholder support, advance public policy objectives, and help them attract and retain the best employees.

Crisis Communications

A wise person once observed, “Every little thing counts in a crisis.” We couldn’t agree more. Anticipating a crisis is critical to every organization; just as important is making sure you have a team in place, with a thorough, carefully thought-out plan at the ready, if and when a crisis strikes.

Strategic Communications

Cornerstone provides strategic counsel and guidance to help companies and organizations determine the best avenues to gain exposure, develop an ongoing relationship with targeted print, online, radio and broadcast media outlets, enhance public opinion, and build, maintain and defend their hard-earned reputations.

Social Media

You don’t have to think very hard to come up with examples of companies whose once sterling reputations were severely blemished by a poorly executed online adventure.

Event Planning

Whether it’s a small media briefing or a large community-wide open house, event planning is all in the details. We provide comprehensive event planning to meet all of your community outreach needs.


Cornerstone Communications offers award-winning writers who can deliver lively, interesting, on-target copy for virtually every type of project you may require.

Effective Communication is the Cornerstone of Success