Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian became the only hospital in Orange County, and one of the first in the nation, to provide oncologists with the technology to pinpoint tumors during radiation treatment – even in some of the most difficult-to-target areas in the body, including the pancreas, lungs and other soft tissue tumors. Hoag will be utilizing this new treatment as part of its recent opening of a unique cell therapy trial for pancreatic tumors.

The real-time images provided by the ViewRay MRIdian™ help the dedicated radiation oncology team at Hoag Family Cancer Institute keep a radiation beam directly on target throughout every treatment, allowing for a degree of precision and monitoring capabilities that were not previously possible.

The technology, known as the MRIdian linear accelerator, combines a high-strength magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine and a linear accelerator into a single device. The MRI machine provides high-quality, real-time images of tumors to more precisely destroy them with radiation beams from the linear accelerator.