The Chargers and Hoag Cancer Institute partnered for a great cause last week, hosting a breathwork and meditation class for breast cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones.

Cancer survivors and patients all got together at Hoag Performance Center early last week for the class, as they were also joined by Chargers safety Derwin James, Jr., and linebacker Nick Niemann.

The Breathwork class was part of the NFL’s Crucial Catch Initiative and ahead of the Bolts Crucial Catch game on Monday Night Football.

“You know, it was amazing,” Susie Spanos, a breast cancer survivor herself, said about the event. “It was amazing, it was really like a guided meditation and a healing to sound. I feel so much better after going through that. And I think all the people here, had that shared experience of it was just an amazing energy, an amazing opportunity for these people, for all of us.

“The entire NFL shines its light on to its Crucial Catch program, breast cancer awareness,” Spanos later added. “And because I am a survivor, it’s really important for the Los Angeles Chargers to shed their light on it, which we do. It’s so inspiring to see these women and hear their stories.”