Some hit the water like human cannonballs. Others held hands, making the leap into the water side-by-side. Some of the more athletic types did flips. Then there were those who jumped, feet-first, into the pool, holding their nose.

Whatever technique they use, the JSerra Catholic High School senior plunge is a tradition like no other.

As is tradition, the entire class of 120-plus seniors, donned in the formal attire they wore for the Mass immediately before, charged onto the pool deck and launched themselves into the water, where they then stayed and frolicked for a good half hour.

This year’s plunge took place on May 17, with dozens of parents, teachers and administrators capturing the action with cell phones and video cameras.

“They’ve been working hard and now they get to celebrate and have fun,” JSerra activity director Emily O’Berry said. “They’ve worked hard so we want to make them feel special.”