In California, the Orange County United Way worked with AWS to build a mobile app that connects those in need with emergency funds for rental and utility payments. The app, AssistOC, was built in response to the needs of the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the nonprofit’s Homelessness Prevention Program, the app has enabled Orange County United Way to connect 5,066 families with funds. And by using the cloud, the nonprofit staff was able to quickly connect those in need faster and more efficiently.

“We’re so grateful for this unique and cutting-edge collaboration with AWS,” said Susan B. Parks, president and chief executive officer of Orange County United Way. “There are many individuals and families who have lost their jobs or now have reduced income due to COVID-19 and they could really benefit from financial assistance to make monthly rent and utility payments. With the AssistOC app built on AWS, eligible individuals have been able to more easily and quickly apply for emergency funds.”