With all of its lanes and pinsetting equipment ripped out, part of a deal to ensure no competition with a new bowling center in town, Covina Bowl is no more. Or is it?

Remarkably, the exterior looks much as it did when the bowling center was in operation, only refreshed.

The monumental triangular sign reading “Covina Bowl” still stands 60 feet tall. The walkway’s wavy-roofed canopy remains too. So does the dramatic, pyramid-shaped entry and the vaguely Mayan-style designs imprinted on the curving concrete-block wall.

But now it’s all part of a residential development.

Developer Trumark Homes bought the property in 2019 and is in the process of adding 132 residences to 10 acres. Trumark kept the main building and some major features.

“This is one of the most unique projects I’ve been involved in in 20-plus years,” Eric Nelson, a vice president of Trumark Homes, told me.