Orange County, Calif.-based Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian is joining the growing number of hospitals, health systems and payers seeking to shift some comprehensive care services into patients’ homes.

On a regional scale, Hoag is a nonprofit healthcare delivery network that treats more than 30,000 inpatients and 480,000 outpatients annually. The organization says “Hoag at Home” represents an evolution in Hoag’s commitment to the community and a recognition of the changing demographics of the county. The new service allows Hoag to extend the world-class care that is delivered in Hoag hospitals, physician offices and health centers right to a patient’s place of residence.

“People are living and staying mobile longer, and there are more ways to allow people to age in place. Offering a comprehensive home care model is essential for our community,” said Hoag CEO and President Robert Braithwaite, in a statement. “Hoag at Home will be the trusted solution to keep our community healthy and safe.”