Frustration has been par for the course for many during the coronavirus pandemic, and that list includes organizers of the Hoag Classic golf tournament.

The annual PGA Tour Champions event was postponed indefinitely in January, and was not played in 2021.

But the tournament will be back next spring, and as good as ever, organizers say.

Officials have announced the tournament, which is put on by Hoag, will be played March 2 to 6 at Newport Beach Country Club. The total prize pool will be $2 million, the largest in the tournament’s 27-year history.

“It’s important for us to continue to be a leader on the Champions Tour,” Hoag Classic executive director Jeff Purser said. “There’s a lot of new players that are coming up, and we wanted to make sure that this tournament remained in a position to be a premiere event. [The purse] was an important statement to make, certainly. I think it’s exciting for the players, I think it’s exciting for the tournament to make the statement that we continue to be a leader for Hoag, our sponsors, our volunteers, our fans, for everyone involved.”