LOS ANGELES, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The highest-volume spine center in the state, Precision has long been recognized for its excellent program. In conferring this new, unique status on Precision, TJC cited the center’s ability to collect, track and act upon patient-reported outcomes – an ability it has achieved in partnership with OutcomeMD.

“This special recognition of the top accrediting body in the country is in part due to our relationship with OutcomeMD, which has allowed us to better collect and track patient-reported outcomes and to act upon them quickly,” said Andy Ball, Chief Executive of Cedars-Sinai Beverly Hills ASC Venture, Precision’s parent organization. “In its review of our Center of Excellence application, five of the 15 reasons cited for our status were related to OutcomeMD.”

The first-ever outcome management and marketing system, Los Angeles-based OutcomeMD partnered with Precision to provide the surgical center with the capability to collect patient-reported outcomes. Using a fitness tracker-like experience, patients score and track their symptoms and monitor how they change over time.  Patients enjoy the experience, and the data helps doctors and surgery centers dial in best practices to know what does and does not work, resulting in better patient care and better outcomes.