Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, already Orange County’s top-ranked cancer center, has announced a major reinvestment in its facilities and treatment technologies as it continues to deepen its breadth of expertise, in turn bringing new hope to patients battling a host of cancers.

“From remarkably innovative technology, to reconfigured spaces that enhance patient treatment and recovery, to recruiting world-renowned specialists, Hoag’s cancer center is modeling the future of health care, right here in Orange County,” said Burton L. Eisenberg, M.D., F.A.C.S., executive medical director of Hoag Family Cancer Institute and the Grace E. Hoag Executive Medical Director Endowed Chair.

Eisenberg added that “the world’s understanding of cancer, including its underlying genetic and environmental risk factors and most effective treatment regimens, is changing rapidly. This major reinvestment in our cancer center reflects Hoag’s commitment to not only keep up with these changes, but to remain a leader in pioneering responses to them.”

The year-long reinvestment, which is supported by $9 million in philanthropic funds, involves significant renovations and expansion at the Patty & George Hoag Cancer Center at Hoag’s Newport Beach location.