Land, people, money.

People, money, land.

Money, land, people.

Scramble it any way you want, you wind up in the same place. Namely, success in a homebuilding, residential real estate investment, and community development endeavor – new, old, always and forever – means getting this triangulation of pillar forces to sync up and outperform.

Timeless formula though it may be, these particular times feel different. Hypercharged with zooming demand, tricky operational dynamics, what with the supply chain’s firehose of problem-of-the-day challenges, froth lathering up at the margins, and an array of big and little issues as long as your arm – intensify the need to get those three pillar resources into just-so alignment.

Or else.

Just ask Scott Davis. He’s got a heady challenge ahead of him: Getting a Northern and Southern California stalwart – Trumark Homes – up and running, from zero to a run-rate of more than $100 million by this time next year in the Front Range corridor of Colorado, and perhaps 10 times that in the next decade or so.