The situation at Westminster City Hall is as fractious as it’s been in decades. City staff has been gutted by financial problems and political battles on the city council, recall campaigns are practically as perennial as the Angels posting losing records and ethnic fissures are ever-present.

But there’s one facet of city leadership that’s been – as far as we can tell – beyond rancor, and that’s the work done by interim City Manager Christian Cordon.

She came to Westminster as assistant city clerk in 2016 and took the city clerk job in 2018 on the death of Amanda Jensen. As the new city clerk (and communications director) she has demonstrated a deft hand, being competent, friendly, candid and accessible. When the city council, going through the spasms generated in part by whipsaw re-alignment, stumbled through the process of picking a new city manager, it finally landed on a smart choice: Cordon.