Sanden is the first woman to complete marathons on all seven continents and the North Pole on a hand cycle.

But in 2021, she faced another hurdle when she was in a car accident and suffered another spinal injury. Sanden said she had pain and her legs would give out, causing her to fall down.

She started using a cane and then, eventually, a wheelchair. Doctors told her she had re-injured her upper back.

But Sanden said she knew her body and knew it was something else. That’s what led her to Dr. Burak Ozgur at the Hoag Spine Center.

Ozgur ordered more tests and determined her injuries and pain were because of something in her lower back. He performed surgery and said within 24 hours of the procedure, Sanden was already up and walking.

Since then, Sanden has finished multiple marathons and has even completed a goal to do seven marathons in seven states in seven days. Read the full story here