For Landsea Homes, 2021 was a transformational year. The year began with the Newport Beach, California-based company going public and ended with it exceeding the $1 billion revenue mark. Along the way, the builder expanded into Florida and Texas through the acquisition of Vintage Estate Homes and secured financing to allow the further scaling of the business.

“Really all the work that we had put into this company culminated in 2021,” says Landsea Homes CEO John Ho. “Had we not gone public, we probably would not have gone into the new markets that we wanted to get into. And if we had not gotten into those markets, we probably would not have gotten this large unsecured financing that we needed to continue to drive the business growth forward.”

Through its flurry of activity in 2021, Landsea Homes moved up to the No. 47 spot on the Builder 100 list, with 1,640 closings in 2021. Its ranking does not account for the acquisition of Hanover Family Builders in January. With the 103rd-ranked builder’s numbers included, Landsea’s closings jump to 2,228, which would move the builder up 10 spots to No. 37.