College buddies Gregg Nelson and Michael Maples formed Trumark Cos. in 1988 to focus on value-add residential and mixed-use entitlements. Since then, Trumark has successfully entitled over 5,000 residential lots and committed over $1.5 billion in investments. By 2008, Trumark Homes was building communities throughout California and Northern Colorado. The company has been instrumental in the development of more than 4,000 homes.

Zonda principal Mollie Carmichael chats with Maples and Nelson in the latest episode of the Inspirational Leadership with the Best in Home Building podcast. Here are some excerpts from Maples:

“Our mission statement is to enhance the lives of people by creating inspiring living environments to inspire. So, our idea, whether it’s a commercial development, a master plan community, or a house, is how do you do it in a way that inspires people and catches their imagination, but also enhances the way they live. And I think our team is very thoughtful about that. They know how they’re programming a house for the needs of a family. And I think that makes a difference.”