An organization is rushing to house hundreds of homeless people in Orange County before its housing vouchers expire in the next few months.

But United to End Homelessness, a program of Orange County United Way, is in need of funding and suitable affordable housing units. The organization is rolling out a campaign this week, seeking $4 million in donations and is asking landlords and community members to provide referrals to potential housing opportunities.

Since United to End Homelessness started in 2018, it has moved 384 households. Now, it is tasked with moving hundreds more within a few months.

“This is a daunting task, but it is something that I know that our team is putting every effort into,” said Becks Heyhoe, executive director of United to End Homelessness. “To find these units, we are going to do everything that we possibly can because we understand that these are real people’s lives. These are people who are experiencing homelessness on our streets and in our shelters, and we are going to do everything that we possibly can to help them find their home.”