Newport Beach resident Robert Brunswick described Thursday night’s Hoag Innovators fall meeting as “Shark Tank” meets “Ted Talks.”

Brunswick and his wife, Kitty, founded Hoag Innovators in 2017 with the goal of promoting innovation at Hoag through collective and engaged giving, he said.

“Most importantly, our investments in the latest technology and research are measurably impacting patient care at Hoag, while also enhancing the recruitment of nationally recognized physicians who are bringing innovation to their specializations,” Brunswick said.

There are now 63 member families and 121 members, with each Hoag Innovator contributing at least $250,000. That leads to a sizable pot of philanthropic funds — $22.5 million total has been raised, Brunswick said — and $1 million was up for grabs Thursday.

Three Hoag doctors saw their pitches either fully or partially funded following voting at the conclusion of the meeting, held at Lido House, Autograph Collection hotel in Newport Beach.