Author Hayley Arceneaux was in Newport Beach recently to speak of her life thus far, recounted in the recently published memoir “Wild Ride.” It covers her journey from childhood cancer survivor and I.V. drips to becoming a civilian astronaut circling the globe in a rocket ship.

“The truth is, the dreams I had didn’t even compare to the glorious, beautiful life I have been given. I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I can’t imagine it, not even a little bit,” she writes in the closing lines of her book. “I’m just so excited to see what comes next.”

Arceneaux shared her inspiring life story at the 36th annual Circle 1000 Founders’ celebration brunch benefiting the Hoag Family Cancer Institute held at Balboa Bay Resort, Newport Beach.

The elegant and uplifting brunch conference was co-chaired by Lin Auer and Marianne Larkin, with significant support from Mary V. Buckingham and Lacy Robertson in charge of underwriting and donors.