The Lot City Center is another new, unconventional spot for gridiron fans. And it’s not a sports venue at all. But it seems the bar and grill at this movie complex located at the upscale City Center Bishop Ranch has become a go-to place for fans. It’s open, airy — and if the game’s lopsided, you can always take in a movie.

The screens: There’s a humongous one above the bar — actually nine screens that form a single image.

The menu: The Grilled Salmon, Salads and Flatbreads (think Prosciutto and Burrata) have been popular. There’s all-day breakfast also. Prefer to munch on popcorn while watching the game? The theater is always popping a fresh batch.

The Lot’s got a full bar, several signature cocktails (maybe Fly Me to Hawaii or A Day at the Spa?), and a huge wine list. Beer drinkers will find at least a dozen on tap.