Lozano, Feher and Delgado were three of about 50 potential recruits attending the Santa Ana Police Department’s second female practice training event held September 22 at Centennial Park. The event is designed to provide potential recruits with tips and advice to help them pass the department’s physical agility test – the single most common stumbling block for female recruits.

The female practice training event is a crucial part of the department’s commitment to the national 30X30 Initiative, which vows to make 30% of the department’s sworn officers female by the year 2030, notes Corporal Jorge Arroyo, recruitment coordinator.

“We want to show that men and women can do the same work,” Detective Maribel Casillas says. “We want them to have the confidence to believe that they can handle the work.”

Arroyo says the practice training is an important way the department can offer support to potential female recruits.