When Rancho Mission Viejo resident Alex Aquino started Barnabas Clothing Co. in 2010, he never imagined he would one day produce face masks for people during a pandemic. The California casual faith-based lifestyle brand went “belly up” for a month when the pandemic began since their usual clients were cancelling events. Eventually Aquino’s clients asked if he could produce masks, but he was hesitant at first because he assumed the items would be a blip in time. “Well, I was wrong,” Aquino said. “The demand only continued to rise and challenged me to consider my customers’ request to design face masks for both retail and wholesale clients. So, I started designing.” He worked with local factories to produce the masks. One popular design was a mask that incorporated Rancho Mission Viejo imagery. Customers at The Ranch, and in San Juan Capistrano and beyond, liked the face masks and Ranch design.